Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just to clarify ...

... lest I sound petulant ... as I was explaining to someone, the difference between stripping down to boxers in a play on a stage and doing so in an audition for a medical video, is this ...

In the play, it's not about me in my boxers. It's about the story and characters.

In the audition, it's about a group of strangers examining my body to see if it looks okay and to make sure it's not too hairy and maybe picking over every quirk and blemish and saying, "What's that? Can we do something about that? Etc." Really not interested.

And it looks like I wasn't the only one, because late last night I got a call from a different agent asking me to come to the audition. So they may be having trouble rounding up people.

Not to say I can't be bought. There's principles and there's pragmatism. Not sure what my price is. It's definitely not $340. A thousand maybe. Maybe.

And "career suicide" was probably a little dramatic. It would more accurately be termed "career euthanasia."

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