Monday, August 13, 2007

I'll take Pot Pourri for 500, Alex

In tribute to Merv, some miscellaneous musings:

* I auditioned today for the part of "Aging Rock Star." When my agent called about it, I was like, "What part of 'aging rock star' makes you think of me?" Then I realized it. "Aging." Christ on a cracker. It was kind of a busy morning and I was running out of time
and thought, "Damn, I better get in the shower." Then I thought, why? I'm a rock star, damnit!

* I may just be street-fested out. Or CatFighted out. This weekend was #14 -- and I've been to a couple of them twice -- so I've spent the equivalent of a work week, or more, at street fests this summer. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it's the crowds. Maybe it's the beer. I'll say it's the heat and leave it at that. So there's another spate of them in September, by which time it should be a little cooler.

* I attended the Bataan Death March of theatre Friday night. Three f'ing hours. Now I do have some slight ADD issues, but I can endure three hours of theatre when it's something really great, like Osage County. But hell, even Chicago Shakespeare finds a way to keep their shows under two-and-a-half hours (at least the ones I've seen there). This was a one-act fest. Of new, untested plays. By AMATEURS. No way should you keep people in a hot stuffy theatre for three hours under those circumstances. A couple of the plays I enjoyed. A couple of others I would have enjoyed more if I wasn't so damned annoyed and antsy.

* Auditions are weird. You heard it here first. But you go to these theatre auditions and it's very clear that certain roles, the major leads usually, are already assigned to that theatre's ensemble members, or people closely affiliated with the group. So in some ways it feels a little bit like a charade. But then they invite you anyway and you wonder, do they just need enough people in the room to make for a viable audition, so the ones they've picked will have other people to read with? I don't know. Maybe I'll be surprised.


M. Brownlee said...

See what happens when you don't submit a play?

Dianna said...

yeah... what Michael said :)

Danger Boy said...

Ouch! Keep in mind, I didn't say the show was BAD, just LONG! I don't if anything I submitted would have been better -- but they would have been shorter! Next time, next time ...