Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bad actor

One month into the Summer of Rob and the livin' is easy. Right now I don't miss being in a show.

I've had enough toes in the water with the commercial work, auditions and the reading to not feel totally out of touch. I'm constantly running into actor friends. And I've generally got a much more relaxed attitude about things.

Perhaps too relaxed. A few audition opportunities have slipped by -- but they were things that I wasn't feeling super-enthusiastic about anyway. So it's good to be a little picky. It may be getting a little ridiculous, though. The notices sit in a file with little notes under them like "Air show weekend" or "Conflicts with North Halsted Market Days."

And even now, as I audition around, the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up at the words "Rehearsals begin in September." Damn, September is SUCH a nice month. I'd hate to miss it, especially with the current heat making outdoor events a little less practical.

We shall see. Must get back into my writing. But the problem with writing for a living is, it makes writing on the side particularly difficult. When I've been writing all day for clients, I don't have a lot left for my plays.

That's a decent excuse, but not a good one.

Here's to August!

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