Monday, July 09, 2007

Tailor made

So the character breakdown (so to speak) said "uptight" and, in one of those impossibly imprecise directions you often get, "OCD without being too OCD." Finally, a role I was made for.

Little Hyper OCD Guy was one of the first characters I ever did in one of the first shows I was cast in. And I've played him multiple times since. I even have a special shirt and tie that he wears.

Anyway, the 8 or 10 clients in the casting room seemed to like him. They had me do it twice, so I gave them a nice little range of pyschosis, from angrily agitated to anxiously unhinged.

In other made-to-fit roles, I found out I'm on this website for one of the world's leading mobile headset makers. (Click the left-right arrows until my picture comes up, then click on me for video.)

For this job I went in and they said, "You're a professional" (check), "you own your own business" (check), "working out of your home" (check), "and you're going to talk about the challenges and opportunities you face" (duh). "And about how this fancy bluetooth headset makes your life easier" (finally! acting!).

So I delivered a one-minute off-the-cuff soliloquy and was done in one take. They should all be this easy. I do not know why they made me button my shirt all the way up. I don't even know why I got cast -- profile is definitely not my best side.

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