Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ride-by Art

I had an opportunity -- excuse me, "opportunity" -- to work today on a commercial spot.

But as an extra.

I feel constantly pulled between the advice I've heard to just do anything and everything, which is pretty much what I did for four years, versus ... I don't know what it's versus. It's frustrating, though.

I don't want to be just another face in the crowd ...

First the money's not great. Plus I just don'
t like sitting around eating craft services and waiting to go on. I like WORKING. I like being integral, being the principal, being THE ONE people are counting on.

But probably the biggest reason I didn't take it was I really,
really, really wanted my Sunday. The weather was so awful most of last week, so this weekend I spent something like 30 hours outside, eating and drinking and streetfesting and just generally running amok.

Today I took a 20-mile bike ride northward along the river to Evanston and checked out this really awesome sculpture garden that goes on for miles and miles. It was interrupted when I came upon the car dealership in Lincolnwood where I'm pretty sure the shoot was taking place right at that very moment.

I was reminded briefly of my shirking. So I turned away toward the river and didn't look back.

It was an awesome day.

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