Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cat Fight!

I caught the tail end, as it were, of this band last year at a street fest and have been trying to see them again ever since.

So far this year I had conflicts with every performance. But this weekend I finally caught up with them.
And even though they didn't play Rock & Roll All Night, they were as awesome as I remember.

They're sort of like a Pussycat Dolls with guitars. And talent.

They play Green Day, Ramones, White Stripes.

They had to keep things G-rated, though, since it was a church festival. So no kissing.

Just some mild cavorting.

And speaking of cats, this little guy from my neighborhood kills me. His owners are very inventive.

At any rate, Cat Fight rules. Way better than The Police.

Though that may have had something to do with my seats. On the curb at Waveland Avenue.

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