Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Best gig ever

This is what I'm talking about! My two worlds -- corporate copywriting and acting -- converging. It's happened a few times in the past couple of years and this week it reached its full potential.

Several months ago I was called in by an old colleague on a project for a huge, global technology research and consulting company. They have this five-day training program for their new salespeople, and we were charged with creating a handful of video vignettes to be used in the live training to reinforce messages and provide comic relief.

So together we brainstormed and created this fun character and drafted these 7 sketches, which the client loved and approved almost 100%. And then yesterday and today we shot them, with ME in the lead.

And it was the smoothest project I've ever worked on. The client was thrilled. The crew was super-happy, because I got everything down in just a few takes and made their job easier and kept us on schedule. (And even though I wrote it myself, there were a lot of long, extended takes, with lots of physical stuff thrown in. And having, perhaps stupidly, poo-pooed the need for a TelePrompter, I worked hard to get the lines down, which really paid off.)

Most of all, I was happy. Because it was a role I was meant to play, since I tailored it to myself, and because it was a script that was ... okay, it was really good. So it was really fun to do. Plus I got to ride a moped!

It's just a really great, satisfying feeling to deliver something that pleases the client -- that exceeds their expectations, actually. That's always been my biggest motivator in this business -- getting that appreciation and feedback from the client.

Tonight I hope to sleep the sleep of the dead ...

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David Lawrence said...

Awesome, Congrats!