Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The only way to fly ...

Today I had an 11:25 am audition. I was home by 11:31. And I even stopped at the store on the way back.

My dream is to work for this theatre company, no
t least because it's just one block from my apartment. But it likely won't happen. They're very, very good, and have access to the city's top talent. Yet every year for, I think, the past four years, I've gone there and done my stuff at their season generals. And every year I don't get called back.

At least, though, I've shown them something different and new every time. Whether it's better, who knows? I would capture this picture of mild disappointment with my awesome new camera phone, but the lens creates super-disturbing distortion in close-up self portrait mode. Instead, here is my Franz Kafka magnetic finger puppet. He's saying, "Get used to futility. Chump!"

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