Thursday, June 21, 2007

More summer fun

The Summer of Rob is also about fireworks. Every Wednesday and Saturday night at Navy Pier. I'd like to say my little camera phone took the above photo. But actually, mine looks more like this (well, exactly like this):

I guess when you zoom, the photo gets really small. And shitty. Jon Stewart was right -- why get a device that's both a shitty phone AND a shitty camera? Oh well. It's fine for closeups. Fireworks from 2 miles away? Not so good.

Anyway, having the bike is great for impromptu fireworks picnics, and for breaking away in the middle of the day to work outside.

I'm really starting to neglect the acting stuff a little. Audition notices are piling up, and some passing by. I did a couple of theatre auditions this week, but ... I don't know. Work is keeping me so busy and, lately, is more satisfying than some of the acting stuff I've been doing. And there's just too much fun to be had ...

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