Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I love a parade

Well, not really. Most parades I hate. This one, every year on the last Sunday of June, is a fun one. (The semi-precision gay rifle corps being among the chief highlights.) Last year I had to stay relatively in one piece mentally because I had a show that evening. Not this year! Not for the SoR.

Tonight is a quick break from said summer. I'm doing this simple, easy theatre thing -- a reading of 1-page plays for a theatre fundraiser. I just show up, read them over, rehearse a little and perform them, all in a couple of hours. That's my kind of process.

I'm doing this for a director friend of mine. I can't keep saying no
all the time -- eventually people will stop calling altogether. Readings are a simple way to stay in the game. What I'd really like to get this summer is a short film -- something easy to work into the schedule. There was an opportunity Saturday -- a couple of them, actually -- projects needing last-minute fill-ins. But Saturday was too good a day to give up.


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